An Hour for Others

We at Supply Chain take our Corporate and Social Responsibility seriously. After being approached for help to support our local charity called “An Hour for Others,”  it was with great pride that we accepted the offer. Our mission is to widen the Business support network to allow AHFO to continue and develop the great work they do in the city. Attached is an advance invitation to see if you guys or a member of staff could attend the “Charitable Business Open Day”. You can meet the ladies and gents who are making  a positive impact in the greater Liverpool area and find out about the type of project they are involved with.

Is not just a case of a donation, more an ongoing smaller commitment to allow them to enable people to help themselves rather than just a handout. The website is

It would be great if you could make it along and join with others in the business community supporting AHFO. For each £1 received the calculated social value to the community is £11.63 in social value.

If you can’t attend but would like to help in some other way, please let me know.

Thanks Again