Do you export to supermarket groups from the UK to Mainland Europe?

Are you looking for an alternative to Felixstowe or Dover?

We can reload cargo in containers tipping at our warehouse for export loads. This would be ideal for us as we tip containers for either Aldi or Lidl every day, plus it saves on a container empty trip, reduces costs and improves your supply chain.  Read mini precis and link to full Reuters article of what traders can expect.

Points 12 to 15 state that “A Movement Reference Number” is generated by a “Transit Accompanying Document” and “Exit Summary Declaration”, and should be lodged with the “Goods Vehicle Movement Service”.

This then generates a “Goods Movement Reference” which is given to the driver, before a “Kent Access Permit” is secured to enter the county of Kent. Point 16 notes that anyone arriving in France without the correct documents could be sent back.

Customs brokers say the cost of paperwork could exceed the cost of moving small consignments. Completing a typical export declaration can require more than 50 pieces of information on transport, commodity codes and value.

The logistics industry estimates an additional 215 million customs declarations will need to be filled in each year after Brexit.

So there you have it, if you want to discuss your supply chains and look at alternative routes to market, we may be able to help. Email:

Reuters article