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Frigoré (Irl) Ltd Supermarket Logistics plans for suppliers to Ireland

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As you will see from our sister website we are offering a range of differing logistics platforms to service the Irish market. The long term plan is to replicate what we have in the UK into Ireland. This will involve direct shipments of cargo to Ireland by trailers from the EU and also containers from Global Destinations.

We are considering focusing on countries with whom the EU has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and then expanding in a measured way so that neither customer service nor delivery schedules are impacted.

The operational and financial side of our plans involve the following:

·       Rerouting of cargo which has traditionally used the UK as a land bridge

·       For Irish / UK / Irish Trade, to offer our warehouses as consolidation points for the supermarket groups

·       Use approved partners who are operationally based in the ROI, UK & NI under the one banner, this will ease any potential customs issues

·       Offer both express and economy services through our supermarket logistics operation

·       Work towards daily deliveries to each supermarket group

·       Offer a pallet network facility as a back up

·       Proved both Euro and £’s credit facilities

·       Offer customers the option of being invoiced through either one of our UK or ROI registered companies (this may help with vat and or customs issues post Brexit)

·       Create regional partner warehousing for overflow storage / rework etc

Port of Rotterdam

 We already know that rates in ROI are more expensive than the UK due to differing factors. The main reason is physical volume of pallets moved. As our services evolve and volume increases, we will look to bring down unit costs of transport to something approaching UK rates. For some companies it will all be about rates, for others it will be about fulfilling contracts and customer services to the supermarket groups. On the run up to Brexit, we will all have different priorities, our aim is to give both new and existing customers a platform to ensure continuity of supply and on-time deliveries.

Our credit application / supplier application forms also cover our terms and conditions of engagement. Our T&C’s cover relationships where trust and confidentiality are our priority. Put simply it covers all chats, emails & correspondence between ourselves giving our relationships the certainty of integrity especially when rates are being / relationships are being discussed. This creates a level playing field where all parties are covered within our agreements.

For Irish Enquiries please email: sales@frigore.eu

For UK Enquiries please email: sales@supplychainsolution.ie