How do importers/exporters prepare for Brexit?

How do importers/exporters prepare for Brexit?
As a freight company involved in the importation of cargoes into the UK, our aims are to help both existing and new clients through the Brexit minefield.

The preparations we have taken include:
• ISO9001 Certification
• Application submitted for BRC (British Retail Consortium) membership
• AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) application submitted
• Closer Collaboration with Exporters, Importers, Customs, Distributors & Logistics Operators

We have set up a series of Monthly meetings taking place at our premises to educate and inform starting January 2018.
The topics for discussion are:
• Unit Cost reductions through collaboration
• The supply chain and associated costs
• Fast-tracking customs clearance through AEO application and approval
• Using the port of Liverpool as a northern regional hub for supermarket suppliers
• Shared user warehousing on the Port of Liverpool and our Regional Warehousing
• Groupage / Distribution Facilities
• Guide to Brexit progress

Attendees will include:
• Supply Chain Solution Ltd
• Customers
• Suppliers
• Customs Clearance Experts (currently developing the fast track and reporting to government)
• Shipping Lines
• Trailer Operators
• Port of Liverpool

Our Aims:
• Develop collaborative relationships to deal with Brexit and its costs
• Look at unit cost reductions throughout the supply chain
• Make introductions and discuss opportunities

What’s next?
• Register your interest, email:
• If you are a potential customer, please complete our credit application form here
• If you are a potential supplier, please complete our approved supplier application form

Details of Meetings:
We plan to have meetings every month starting Jan 2018. We will advise the details of meeting dates upon receipt of interest and relevant application