Logistics services to B&M and TJ Morris


Delivery information for B&M

There are two RDC’s for B&M, one is at Speke Liverpool and the other is at Middlewich Cheshire.  We deliver to B&M Monday to Friday and we deliver most days of the week. B&M designate the delivery time and date which we have to adhere too.  B&M intakes are 24h, but we ask our current customers to specify AM deliveries.  B&M only order in full pallet quantities.


Delivery information for T J Morris / Home Bargains

TJ Morris is the trading name of Home Bargains. There are two depots, one in Amesbury Wiltshire and one in Liverpool.  We deliver every day Monday to Friday. We can deliver over the weekend, but a minimum quantity of 16 pallets is required, or a full load will be charged.

Reworks or Rejected loads will be undertaken at the Warrington warehouse.


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