Testimonial from Stephen Shoebridge

We have worked with Supply Chain for over two years now. Supermarket logistics can be quite testing especially during peak periods and when dealing with delays at RDC’s. We benefitted by working with Supply Chain Solutions as they removed virtually all demurrage costs whilst improving performance to the customer by using their expertise and knowledge of the delivery points to the benefit of all parties.

On occasions where we had damaged product on products we supplied directly ourselves to customers, they provided a regional solution to repack, restack and redeliver. This facility was a game changer for us as we reduced wasted mileage costs as well as minimising damages by tackling the problem closer to the delivery point as opposed to transporting back to the port. The products would be repacked with specialist’s which reduced the turnaround time and improved the success rate on the redelivery of the reworked product reducing costs further.

Overall a proactive and innovative business solution for deliveries to Lidl and our other customers which we are happy to thoroughly recommend.

Stephen Shoebridge