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We provide a variety of logistics, distribution and warehousing services including both short term and long terms storage. In addition to this we also provide a variety of other services which are especially useful when goods have been rejected or fallen in transit to the final destination.

• Load / Destuff Containers or Trailers
• Re-work fallen / damaged pallets
• Case Count / Shrinkwrap
• Paperwork / Delivery Notes
• Store / Re-deliver
• Stock Reports

Within 70 miles of Lidl Southampton RDC 

Our Customers for whom we undertake this type of work are varied and include manufacturers , distributors, global shipping lines, UK & European Hauliers.
These services are especially important when goods would otherwise have to be returned to the shipper. Our regional warehouses provide a local solution which is both cost effective and can often just result in a one day delay to the consignee as opposed to returning the damaged stock to the shipper.

supply chain solution oxon warehouse image one

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