Port of Liverpool – Merchant Haul & Export Services to Supermarkets


Inland Merchant Haulage

In order to accommodate the increasing number of containers imported into the UK via Liverpool, we have set up our merchant haulage system. As our Supermarket logistics operation continues to grow, we recognized the requirement to provide merchant haulage to ease the strain from Line Haulage especially at peak periods or “supermarket specials”.

It is our aim to turn the Port of Liverpool and our central BRC approved warehouse in Warrington into a Northern Supermarket Logistics Hub. Our system involves the movement of containers to and from the Port of Liverpool with a drop and swap container shuttle system to minimise inland haulage costs.

Export Services of Goods to Supermarket Groups

Our aim is to utilise the volumes of containers coming into our depot and reload them for exports. The cost of running a container empty to load could, in theory, be deducted from your export costs enabling a more streamlined and cost-effective system. All warehousing operations including loading , de-stuffing, palletisation, pick and pack etc are available. Our aims are to help minimise your costs for export through efficiencies, please contact us for more details.

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