Port of Liverpool visit

Staff from Supply Chain Solution Ltd visited Liverpool ports yesterday to finalise a shared user warehouse, this will offer further savings to our customers by utilising increased container sizes. If you want to simply store a few pallets or lease your own facility, we will be on hand to deliver your ideal solution. From food to furniture, their advanced port-centric warehousing facilities can accommodate most products and volumes.

Whether you require 1 or 40,000 pallets, Supply Chain Solution Ltd can help to provide flexible, scalable warehouse solutions, giving your business the space to grow. Liverpool has industrial, FMCG, and temperature controlled storage facilities available at sites in Liverpool and along the Manchester Ship Canal.


Here are some of the benefits of working with us. We can:

  • Provide shared, multiuser warehousing space on a short or long-term term basis.
  • Give you the opportunity to lease or even develop your own design and build a warehouse.
  • Provide you with a secure location, incorporating a dedicated port police.
  • Help you benefit from an all-water route into a multi-modal warehouse near the heart of the country.