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Re-working stock to save the customer money

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Our recent expansion of supermarket logistics services into Ireland through our sister company Frigore EU has already reaped dividends. A 7000 unit order of DIY stock was successfully reworked, re-labelled and stood upright in pallet boxes.

Additional complications of pallet box availability and the order being split between the UK and Ireland presented challenges, but challenges that we anticipated and overcome.  All orders were delivered on time and within our original financial estimate.

We received the work as a result of the customers forwarder being unwilling / unable to undertake the rework, suggesting that the goods were shipped back to point of origin to be re-labelled. The difference in rate between the job we completed and shipping the stock back for rework was Euros 27,000.

This type of job has led to a new customer and increased work in Ireland & the UK.  If you have any awkward jobs or require this sort of assistance, we can certainly help.