Suppliers to Lidl – Enhanced Services


We have updated our supermarket logistics “Services to Lidl” section of our website, to reflect the increase in request for more information and also to outline the increase of services provided.

Our website not only provides warehousing, distribution and operational information but also links into the services from the Port of Liverpool as we seek to promote and encourage co-operation between service providers to turn the region into a Northern Logistics hub for supermarkets.

We also feel a need for corporate & social responsibility regarding rejected goods (barcoding issues, damaged packaging etc) and our willingness to provide a binding commitment that when agreed, goods can be sent to or collected by food bank organisations. (The letter on behalf of the Trussell Trust can be forwarded upon request) If we can help in any way to reduce your unit costs of Transport / Distribution to Lidl or you would just like a Quotation. Please feel free to contact us on 0044 151 284 8867 or

Further details of our service levels for suppliers to Lidl can be found here