Suppliers to Lidl UK & Ireland

Are you concerned about how you will get your goods to Lidl in the event of a Hard Brexit? This year we spent time at the Port of Rotterdam & Dublin to look at new routes to market. In addition to that we have set up a “drop & swap” container operation from the Port of Liverpool and also offer the same with trailers for Northern based manufacturers / suppliers to Lidl. We are aiming to to become the Northern Logistics Hub for Supermarket Logistics, this ties in with containers now being re-routed to Liverpool from southern ports due to congestion.

Listed below are the services we undertake for manufacturers and suppliers to Lidl in the UK & Ireland:

 Operational Information – Our Lidl Warehousing Hub

Please see an operational precis of our supermarket logistics services to Lidl UK & Ireland: 

  • Deliver to each RDC six days per week Monday to Saturday, Sunday can be arranged 
  • 9 Loading / Offloading Bays
  • 24/6 with Sundays 8-5pm
  • Drop Trailer facilities
  • Repack, Restack, Invert, Relabel facilities
  • Warehouse based in Warrington, Cheshire
  • Warehouse 45 minutes from Port of Liverpool
  • Proof of Deliveries all have the customers logo on

 Container & Trailer Services – Suppliers to Lidl

We work together with shipping lines and merchant hauliers to try and avoid quay rent. This is especially important during “specials” where high volumes combine with short lead times. We operate a drop and swap system to ensure maximum efficiencies in terms of shunting to and from the Port of Liverpool. We also work with line & merchant haul from other UK Ports. Services below:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Duty Deferment
  • Inland Haulage
  • Full load collections from Europe 

Direct Deliveries & Warehousing Groupage Services

We provide full trailer load & part load (groupage, consolidation, LTL) deliveries to Lidl in the UK & Ireland. These operations all take place from our central warehousing Hub in Warrington near Liverpool. These distribution services are supplemented by our differing range of warehousing services:

  • Container Destuffing
  • Palletisation
  • Pallet Racking
  • Reworking of Pallets
  • Pick and Pack
  • Labelling & Bar Coding
  • Printing of Delivery Notes
  • Part & Full Load Delivery 
  • Storage of any rejected Pallets
  • Internal Storage of empty Pallets
  • Consolidation of rejected loads & pallets for an economic return to the manufacturer/supplier.
  • Delivery to food banks (we have supporting documentation from foodbanks guaranteeing no resale – this can be forwarded)

Rejection of Full Loads at Lidl RDC’s

In the event of direct deliveries in FCL or FTL getting rejected at a Lidl RDC, we provide regional repack, restack & redelivery services near to every Lidl RDC in the UK. This allows Lidl to take off what they are happy to do so and prevents the whole load getting rejected. We then work with the shipper/importer etc. to find a local solution to allow fulfilment of the order. 

We also produced a digital flipbook to showcase our services:

 Our latest news section provides updates on our preparation for Brexit and also things that you as suppliers need to do prior to Brexit.