Supply Chain – Delivering the goods to Merseyside Food banks

Received a letter from the Trussel Trust confirming that all rejected loads or part loads which we collect from the UK supermarket groups will be donated to foodbank groups and never sold on. This gives manufacturers and logistics companies like ourselves the certainty that we can deliver to the foodbanks and pass on that certainty to the manufacturers that e.g. damaged goods etc would never enter the open market.

It’s great to work with like-minded people whose best interests are served by helping those families/individuals that struggle to buy lives basic necessities.

We can forward the letter across and would encourage any supplier to Aldi / Lidl / Morrisons / Home Bargains or B&M to contact us and work together in reducing wastage/disposal costs etc when we can store, repack and deliver to the foodbanks.

We have started this process on Merseyside but can collect from any of our 18 RDC’s located throughout the UK.

My voluntary role is Jamie Carraghers Ambassador to the 23 Foundation. We work together in conjunction with each other to ensure both publicity to those who help and help to those that need it.

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