Veterinary Introduction

Veterinary Introduction We work with Export Official Veterinarians who are responsible for certifying Animal-based products (food and drink) ensuring compliance with the importing country’s requirements to ensure animal and public health is maintained. They can assist with advising Exporters of the process involved to enable Manufacturers or Exporters get their goods to Market. Detailed below

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UK, EU and Ireland expansion

As we look to both consolidate and expand our logistics services within Ireland and mainland Europe, strategic decisions have been made.Relocation of our supermarket logistics warehouse to Limerick, servicing suppliers to Aldi, Dunnes, Lidl & MusgravesShipping services to and from Cork – EUCollaboration with NL Fiscal office representing SCS ClientsChilled & Frozen Groupage Services Ex

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Ireland – Aldi, Lidl, Dunnes and Musgraves deliveries

Ireland – Aldi, Lidl, Dunnes and Musgraves deliveries Supply Chain Solution are expanding the services they offer in Ireland with access to a new depot in Limerick which will offer an additional 7,500 storage spaces for Ambient, Chilled or Frozen. This will make 10,000 spaces available over multiple depots in Limerick and Dublin, which offer

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Supermarket Groups in Scotland

In Edinburgh today, helping to create new routes to market for suppliers to supermarket groups in Scotland. Antwerp, Zebrugge – Grangemouth then our food grade Bathgate warehouse and onward to RDC’s.We need to take traffic off the road and complete longer shipping leg to support regional deliveries. #aldi #lidl #rdcs #supermarkets #portofantwerp #portofzebrugge #portofgrangemouth

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